Microsoft brings multitouch with new Touch Mouse

Microsoft brings multitouch with new Touch Mouse

Microsoft Touch Mouse (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft is bringing out some new hardware at CES this year, but as usual, Microsoft has kept this very quiet – preferring instead to highlight its Xbox line, not that there is any problems with that. One of its new hardware is its Microsoft Touch Mouse, which will bring multitouch gestures for Windows 7 PCs.

Think of this as the Microsoft version of the Apple’s Magic Trackpad, but still has that form factor of a mouse rather than a big slab. And while it may be some sort of copycat, Microsoft has been researching in such technology as part of its Research arm, under Mouse 2.0.

It will also run on Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology, which makes it easier track movements of the mouse from any surface.

The mouse will be out in May in the United States, and is now able for pre-order for $79.95 on Amazon.

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