Microsoft Australia plans Windows Phone 8 "briefing" on October 30

Microsoft Australia plans Windows Phone 8 "briefing" on October 30

Microsoft has today sent an invite saying that they will release more details about Windows Phone 8 on October 30 in Sydney. We are expecting that they will announcewhen they will bring out the first batch of Windows Phone 8 devices – including those from Samsung, Nokia and HTC.

Media have been told to “save the date” with more details coming soon. The October date was previously hinted by Nokia Australia to reveal pricing and availability “at the end of October 2012”. We can now assume it’s pretty much the entire Windows Phone line.

HTC and Nokia appear to be battling it out with the WP8 market, with HTC doubling down on Windows Phone despite the successes with their Android devices (especially with the One X). HTC’s own devices will feature the Windows Phone name, despite Nokia being considered the flagship manufacturer of Windows Phone.

Despite the vague invite, we’re eagerly awaiting to hear what they will announce.

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