Mercedes-Benz Challenges Tesla with Nvidia's AI Platform

Mercedes-Benz Challenges Tesla with Nvidia's AI Platform

On Tuesday, the German-based automaker Mercedes-Benz and Nvidia announced they’re teaming up to build a promising Tesla-like automotive platform. Starting in 2024, Mercedes will build its entire fleet on-top of Nvidia’s AI hardware. Car owners will be able to subscribe to self-driving features and other options as they become available.

Car Depreciation To Be Less

Thanks to Tesla’s, over-the-air (OTA) updates for your car are now an expectation when you buy a “smart car”. Just this week, Ford announced its redesigned F-150 as the first full-size pickup with OTA updates.

With this, the firmware cars run on can be upgraded in real-time and means there is less of a reason to upgrade your car. New features will be available to existing car fleets, resulting in car depreciation to be much slower.

The deprecation offset includes owners of second and third Mercedes vehicles, with the ability to add features or subscribe to new services they want.

A Great Partnership

Mercedes’ partnership with Nvidia comes less than a week after the German automaker abandoned what was meant to be a long-term collaboration with BMW to develop next-generation automated driving technology but obviously failed. The new partnership seems much healthier with both companies heavily invested in this field.

The new AI computing infrastructure will be rolled out across Mercedes’ entire fleet of models, starting in 2024. We’re looking forward to it.

We need a partner we can rely on and work with, and I’m excited to say we’ve found that in NVIDIA. This partnership has brought us farther ahead than we ever could have.

Sajjad Khan
Executive Vice President of Mercedes-Benz

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