MegaUpload Trial: NZ politicians question Kim Dotcom's resident status

MegaUpload Trial: NZ politicians question Kim Dotcom's resident status

Opposition politicians in New Zealand are calling for an inquiry on how MegaUpload’s founder Kim Dotcom managed to acquire residency status, despite having a fraud conviction for insider trading in Germany.

Dotcom managed to acquire residency in the country under the “Investor Plus” category after investing $10 million in government bonds for more than 3 years. Immigration New Zealand said that he disclosed that, and based his residency application on character, associated risks and the potential benefits of allowing him residency.

NZ First Winston Peters is leading the charge for an inquiry.

“How on learning that could they have possibly made this judgement, or does money cloud the whole issue where money is everything by buying $10 million in New Zealand bonds?” Peters told Radio New Zealand.

He also claims that some politicians were also involved, and says he has proof of this but will only reveal this information if an inquiry is launched.

Labour New Zealand’s immigration spokeswoman Darien Fenton is reported to have said that the category should be looked at. However, before an inquiry, there should be asked whose responsibility to overlook the convictions.

Nathan Guy, the Minister of Immigration in New Zealand, has told Radio New Zealand that he would not comment on the case.

Image Credits: The Telegraph

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