Meet the GoPhone - the iPhone case that doubles as a GoPro mount

Meet the GoPhone - the iPhone case that doubles as a GoPro mount


Despite its popularity and usefulness in many situations, one of the biggest problem of the GoPro is the lack of a proper viewfinder if you want to get handheld shots of the action. It does have a remote viewfinder via the GoPro app, but that involves you holding onto the camera and the phone. However, two Australians may have created a solution.

Created by Andrew Dorn and Carson Tully – both based in Melbourne – the GoPhone is essentially a case for the iPhone 5 and 5s with a mounting point for the GoPro’s quick-release clip. This allows you to see what the GoPro is capturing and use it like a handheld camcorder.

You will still need to connect your iPhone to your GoPro via the camera’s Wi-Fi connection; and make sure the shot-flipping feature is turned on (or flip the footage in the editing process) because of the camera is mounted upside down.

Dorn and Tully have a Kickstarter campaign and are hoping to raise AU$15,000. If you want the case, then it will set you back AU$40 and should ship in September this year.

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