Meet BluCub - a small themometer for your iPhone

Meet BluCub - a small themometer for your iPhone


TechGeek rarely cover things from Kickstarter and Indiegogo – it’s not like we don’t want to cover them, it’s just that we don’t get many emails about projects such as this. What you see above is the BluCub – a small and affordable wireless thermometer that will tell you the temperature and humidity of any given room.

The BluCub is small enough that it can be placed in any location – measuring only 5cm on either side, and is 2cm thick. According to the Indiegogo campaign page, it has a battery life of 3 years (with a replaceable battery), and it can measure temperatures between -20˚C and 50˚C.

So how does it work? All you need to do is pair this device with your phone via Bluetooth. Once connected, the BluCub will send temperature and humidity data every 10 seconds to your mobile phone. Currently, it has plans to support iPhone – however, it has a stretch goal when the project hits £80,000 (AU$145,955) to produce an Android app.

The BluCub is available for £35 (AU$65.17) via its Indiegogo page, with a £10 shipping fee for international orders. They also selling 100 of the BluCubs for £30 as a special deal – but you should be quick.

They are expected to be shipped in July.


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