Matchmaker tells CNBC: Call of Duty is making guys dateless

Matchmaker tells CNBC: Call of Duty is making guys dateless

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A matchmaker has pretty much said the most ridiculous statement ever on video games. Appearing on CNBC in a report about the numbers of Call of Duty, she said that the game is essentially making guys “dateless”.

Let us ignore the fact that the report implies that guys play Call of Duty – or any video game in general; but the fact that video games are the reason why guys are dateless and not seeking services that this person are offering.

“It’s easier to connect to technology than reality. It really is. You’re not going to get rejected by technology. And it’s a one on one thing, so you’re avoiding intimacy. You can be Rambo in Call of Duty, but you can’t necessarily be Rambo if you feel scrawny and insecure,” Lori Zaslow, who runs her own matchmaking agency Project Soulmate, told CNBC.

I’m going to defer all of my opinion to TechDirt’s Timothy Geigner, who has a brilliant rebuttal to Zaslow and CNBC’s claims. I would write my own, but I’m just banging my head on the desk after hearing those stupid comments.

And you can do the same, by watching the video below.

via MMGN

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