Mana Bar Melbourne announces opening date - July 16

Mana Bar Melbourne announces opening date - July 16

Touted to be the bar for hardcore gamers, Mana Bar has always been located in Brisbane. However, Melbourne gamers can now rejoice as they will soon open the doors to their brand new bar in Fitzroy with the announcement of their opening date – July 16.

Expected to be open in December of last year, it was pushed back due to problems beyond their control. Co-owner and creator Guy Blomberg said in a video, “Believe me, no one has wanted to open this venue more than we have.”

The bar touts 7 LCD televisions in multiple rooms that will run the latest games on the PS3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. According to their website, there are several Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, while also having Halo 3 (+ ODST), Call of Duty: Black Ops, Dead Space 2, and LA Noire (though, we see it only for the PS3) – though we are expecting there are more titles present than what is online.

Mana Bar Melbourne can be found at 336 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

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