Man sues Wikileaks for creating "nucliar WAR" fear

Man sues Wikileaks for creating "nucliar WAR" fear

No, that isn’t a spelling mistake. That’s how he actually spelt it.

David Pitchford, a Florida native, is suing Wikileaks for “treason” – which I thought was only limited to crimes against the state and not a man – and is also claiming the release has put emotional distress on him.

He claims that the release of the diplomatic cables has caused “hyper tention” (I think he meant hypertension), “depression”, “stress”, “living in constant fear of being striken by another heart attack and or stroke” and, which is most likely his main point, “in fear of being on the brink of Nucliar WAR”.

Yes, because playing the nuclear card, or in his case “Nucliar” card, will win you the case. And yes, his case is riddled with more spelling errors, such as citizen (spelling it as “citezin”) and journalism (“jourlism”).

And you can obviously tell I am using the utmost restraint in not using other language, as I find the case totally stupid.

Pitchford is asking the court to give him US$150 million in damages, and is also seeking an injunction that would prevent Wikileaks releasing any more “United States dockuments” that would harm him – despite the fact that Wikileaks is not a US entity.

In an interview with a blogger named superkuh, he claims that the internet could not be a “real member of the press” and is actually considering also suing The Guardian newspaper in the UK and also the AP – citing the so-called stress about the leaks. (Under that logic, that would mean every single member of the press and every tech blog… like us).

The filing is below (thanks to Cryptome/Geekosystem)

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