MacTalk hacked and defaced with message purported from Syria

MacTalk hacked and defaced with message purported from Syria


A hacker claiming to be from Syria has defaced Australia’s largest Mac community website MacTalk, posting a message supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. First spotted early this morning by former editor of MacTalk Peter Wells, it appears the site’s defacement only works on mobile devices.

The message also appears on the website when viewing on a desktop. However, the images, animations and YouTube embeds do not load; nor does it take over the contents of the website.


“I Hack This Site To Convert (sic) A message From Syria To the World,” the hacker – known as SeCuR!TY ** DR@G0N – wrote. “We don’t attack anyone, we just defend on our country and ourselves in [response] to your government’s support of terrorist cells, Located in several cities in Syria.”

“We Hack this Site as a clear message that we send by the name of the great Syrian people to the Government of your country… Stop killing the Syrians because history will not forgive and will never foget (sic).”

We are not entirely sure if this hacker is part of the Syrian Electronic Army – a pro-Assad group of hackers who have taken control of Twitter accounts and even managed to take down the New York Times by hacking into its registrar, Melbourne IT.

MacTalk says that they are aware of the attack. In a tweet, the website wrote, “Yep, we know there’s an issue with the mobile and desktop versions of the site at the moment. We’re working on this as our top priority.”

For now, however, it’s probably best not to visit the site – just in case.

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