MacBook Air updated - Cheaper, Thunderbolt and Core i5/i7

MacBook Air updated - Cheaper, Thunderbolt and Core i5/i7

The MacBook Air has been updated as part of the wider store refresh, and now comes with some updated specifications, Thunderbolt support and with a new low price that makes it now the entry-level notebook for its MacBook line.

The MacBook Air still comes in 11-inch and 13-inch models, but will now feature the latest Core i5 and Core i7 processors from Intel. The MacBook Air will also have Intel HD Graphics 3000 and offers up to 4GB of RAM. Storage options vary from 64GB to 256GB and all of it is via flash memory.

Other updates include new Thunderbolt support, meaning users can connect many peripherals through one cable and can support Gigabit Ethernet and FireWire connections, a multitouch trackpad and a full-size backlit keyboard.

The MacBook Air 11-inch with 64GB storage, the lowest, starts at AU$1099 (or US$999), while the 11-inch/128GB, 13-inch/128GB and 13-inch/256 models are selling for AU$1349, AU$1449 and AU$1799. All models come with Mac OS X Lion.

Of course, while it takes the place of the Apple MacBook, recently axed by the company, the pricing is still expensive when you compare it with other PC notebooks who offer similar or even better features. While it’s an entry-level Mac, the MacBook Air feels more of a high-end netbook as, despite the high-quality specifications, it doesn’t feel right as a notebook to be used for school or for the home office.

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