LogMeIn announces new cloud storage service Cubby

LogMeIn announces new cloud storage service Cubby

LogMeIn is joining the long list of companies to offer cloud storage with its latest venture Cubby – and will give you 5GB of storage for free (as opposed to the 25GB given out on SkyDrive, or the 2GB on DropBox). It is now in open beta, with LogMeIn rolling out the invites to asking users.

What’s different – other than the file size – is that any folder on your PC can be shared. You don’t need to make a new folder, or stash in a folder already defined, you simply select the folder you want to share. As well, you can simply bypass the cloud altogether and view them directly or store them on the devices without needing to connect to the cloud servers – so that large collection of photos, you don’t have to stash it in the cloud, access it via the network.

As usual, Cubby is touting security – saying it’s based on the same architecture of how LogMeIn uses to secure your data.

Of course, you will get access to your content via the web, but there are also desktop apps for both Mac and PC; and mobile apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android. Of course – in order to use it, you will need to sign up for the beta, which you can do here.

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