Logitech to bring out new noise-isolating earphones

Logitech to bring out new noise-isolating earphones

logitech Logitech has today expanded its MetroFi line of Ultimate Ears earphones; bringing out two new noise-isolating earphones designed, as what they claim, to deliver “customised comfort that’s perfect for listening to music on an iPod.

The new earphones create a “magic” seal, according to their press release, to “dramatically” limit the ambient noise around you, providing 16dB of noise isolation.

They will also feature a red-coloured right earphone to allow to know which earbud is to be placed on your right. And while both are supposed to give an “authentic sound” to your music; the MetroFi 220 will have a titanium-coated speaker that will give you a “fuller mix with more detail” sound.

It will also bring out an additional two earphones for the iPhone and BlackBerry phones, dubbed the MetroFi 170vi and the MetroFi 220vi – because both include voice-integrated technology, and will allow you to make handsfree calling, with a miniature “high performance” microphone.

The MetroFi 170 will retail around $49.99, and the MetroFi 220 will retail around $79.99. For the ones with the voice-integrated technology, it will set you back an additional $10 – with the MetroFi 170vi retailing for $59.99, and the MetroFi 220vi retailing around $89.99.

These are expected to hit store shelves in the United States, Australia and New Zealand in February.

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