Logitech stealing Apple's swagger

Logitech stealing Apple's swagger

We all have seen/experienced Apple’s ever so ambiguous product announcement invitations, yes? And they seem to have worked well, especially at sparking off rumours amongst the associated fan-boys. Now Logitech Australia has uploaded quite a poor quality image to their Facebook page, which I think is a copy of Apple’s marketing strategy, specifically ‘the new iPad‘.

As you can read from the above image, Logitech appear to be announcing something ‘here’ (Facebook maybe?), at 10pm, next Tuesday. From the the rather blurry outline, it appears that this new product of theirs is going to be some sort of speaker dock, maybe with something to do with the iPad 3. Oh my, the Logitech fan-boys, a group which doesn’t exist, are going to be happy about that!

Maybe, just maybe, I am bring a tad harsh on Logitech. Though I still can’t help feel that they just copied Apple with this announcement. I will give them credit for trying something different, something other that the usual, boring “look at our new line of products that no one will ever notice”. But next time, try to be different. Please.

Logitech Australia has since removed this picture from their Facebook page. Maybe they saw this?

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