Logitech brings out Modern Warfare 3-themed keyboard and mouse

Logitech brings out Modern Warfare 3-themed keyboard and mouse

Themed keyboard and mice for upcoming game releases aren’t new, and Logitech is adding a Modern Warfare 3-themed version to that list. It has today announced the G105 gaming keyboard and the G9X laser mouse that are, according to its press release, “ideal for powerful gamers”.

Yes, really. It did say that.

Anyway, the keyboard, the “official keyboard” for the game, features night-vision green LED backlighting, six programmable G-keys with three mode states; and up to 18 possible macro settings that let you perform single keystrokes or multi-key combinations with a single button. It also has a switch that can disable the Windows and Context Menu buttons that disrupt gameplay; and the usual media access keys.

The G9X Laser Mouse follows the same cosmetic look of green and black. For those wanting to know, it is precise at hand speeds of 165 inches per second on most gaming mouse pads, while also featuring adjustable DPI to target even the smallest object. The scrollwheel acts as a weapon selection mechanism for the game, but reverts back to normal function when outside the game.

No Australian release date has been made, but the US and Europe can expect the keyboard to hit shelves in October and the mouse in November. They will be priced at US$79.99 and US$99.99 respectively.

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