LIVEBLOG: Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

LIVEBLOG: Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

No hardware announcements are expected, but what is the future for the "Xbox" brand?

From 2:30AM Tuesday, we’re liveblogging the Microsoft E3 Keynote. What will be the future of the Xbox brand, and how will it be integrated in now so many platforms including Windows 8? As well, what are some of the better games coming out for the rest of the year? We’ll keep you posted, and we’ll also liveblog EA and Sony’s press conferences tomorrow as well!

As well, we’re also using this as a big pilot test for our new liveblogging platform. So, while we watch and keep up to date what is happening, also send us your feedback – if you’re still awake at that stage – on the problems or any suggestions!

If you’re on a mobile device, we suggest you go to our live page here, as opposed to our frame here. You’ll still get the same live updates as others will get so you’ll never miss a beat.

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