Live Mesh to go beta, adds Mac and Windows Mobile 6 Support

Live Mesh to go beta, adds Mac and Windows Mobile 6 Support


The Windows Live Mesh team has announced that during this week, Mesh will now be a beta and will add more features to the service. It will also become open to the public, meaning that users who have a Windows Live ID will now be able to access the product without waiting for an invite using Microsoft Connect.

Among the new features announced in a blog post, they include:

  • Additional member roles: Creator, Owner, Contributor and Reader
  • Drag and Drop files onto the Live Desktop
  • Sync Mesh folders P2P only, excluding your Live Desktop, from the computer itself
  • Improved P2P sync performance and reliability.

Also announced will be the support for Mac and Windows Mobile clients also this week. If you can’t wait – you can see this link ( to have a look around. This will move to when it moves to Beta.

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