Little Printer now available in Australia, New Zealand

Little Printer now available in Australia, New Zealand


Little Printer – the compact thermal printer that prints out lots of web content such as news headlines, weather and a daily sudoku puzzle – is now finally coming to Australia and New Zealand. The developers, BERG, have announced that they will open up shipping to the two countries after being restricted to just the EU, USA and Canada.

BERG will have a new production run of Little Printers in July (they do a limited number every few months or so) and are taking pre-orders which will then be shipped at the same time in July as all other orders.

So what is it? Little Printer connects to the cloud – and is controlled by your smartphone (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone) – to receive content that you have subscribed. There is a large variety of content available like Instragram’s Picture of the Day, headlines from The Guardian, The Times’ One Down brain teaser, birthday reminders from Facebook and even the daily weather.

As well, you or your family members can print out messages if they are running late right from the smartphone.

However, that said, the Little Printer is pretty darn expensive. The Starter Pack – which includes the printer itself, 3 paper roles, a 1m ethernet cable, and the Cloud Bridge and power pack (which lets the printer connect to the internet) – costs US$219. On top of that is the $50 shipping fee to any part of Australia or New Zealand – bringing the overall cost to around $269.

BERG has also announced that there are now replacement paper rolls. The paper rolls are BPA-free – which, according to the developers, is something what may owners had requested – and have been extensively tested. They come in batches of five rolls, and cost $7.50 – plus the $11 flat shipping rate.

via BERG Cloud blog

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