Little Big Planet 2 Release Date plus more...

Little Big Planet 2 Release Date plus more...

At this year’s Comic Con, Little Big Planet 2’s release date has been unveil, and is going to be out in the US on November 16th, just before the holidays.  That’s not only the good news.  Little Big Planet 2 will be having pre-order bonuses and DLC stuff.

Various stores in the US will be holding different pre-order costumes based on characters from the game creator’s partners.  Also, all of the pre-order bonuses will include four different animals costumes, which are a Cobra, Vulture, Mandrill, and Crocodile costume.

From, the pre-order partner costumes are Ratchet and Clank’s own Ratchet and Clank, while from Best Buy, it is Toy Story 3’s Little Green Alien.  From Gamestop, it is Tron Legacy’s Clu.

The announced DLC will include a costume based on the lovable Muppet, Gonzo.  However, more Muppet will be available via the Playstation Store, soon after the release.

Other than that, it has been announced that there will be a Collector’s Edition, but only a limited stock.  The Collector’s Edition will include the game, a 7 inch Sackboy plushie, exclusive Little Big Planet 2 games end, which are just book ends but for games; all the exclusive costume from the various stores, as well Gonzo and the four animals; two exclusive costumes, Jax and Daxter, and five exclusive Little Big Planet 2 Avatars, for the Playstation Network.

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