Liquid Image brings out new camera-equipped goggles

Liquid Image brings out new camera-equipped goggles


Just before CES gets underway, Liquid Image has announced new camera-equipped swimming goggles, scuba masks and ski masks – all promising to be easy to operate. The swimming goggles, called the Freestyle Series Swim Camera Goggle will have 4GB of internal storage and features an LED flashlight and a 1.3MP camera that can record VGA video.

The ski masks, called the Summit Series Snow Camera Goggle (featured above), will also feature an LED flashlight, but will have a 5MP camera and 15MB of flash memory and an expandable micro SD card slot.

However, the scuba mask, the Wide Angle Scubas Series HD322, will feature a 135 degree wide angle lens and can record in HD. It has a 5MP lens, and has an micro SD card slot (2GB card is included) and operates on 4 x AAA batteries. It also features an LED flashlight.

Liquid Image estimates that these products will be out sometime in the year, with the scuba mask having the estimated retail price of US$350; while the snow goggles and the swimming goggles have an estimated price of US$149 and US$79 respectively.

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