Lion out and MacBook killed off as Apple Store updated

Lion out and MacBook killed off as Apple Store updated

Apple is now selling the latest edition of the Mac OS X – version 10.7, or dubbed “Lion” – on its App Store. However, at the same time, Apple has quietly killed off the polycarbonate MacBook from its lineup, making the MacBook Air the cheapest MacBook sold by Apple.

The MacBook was previously the consumer laptop of its Mac notebook like before a 2008 shift saw the MacBook Pro conforming to both consumer and business needs. The MacBook was sidelined to be an entry level MacBook, with a price tag of US$999 and a 13-inch display – now these days, many similiar-sized Windows laptops are around that price.

So if you were going to order one, well it’s kind of too late. Apple has killed it and you’ll now have to get the MacBook Air. However, the Air’s price tag has now been reduced to US$999 – indicating that Apple wants the Air to be the entry-level MacBook rather than being a laptop that only focuses on the design-minded people. It also has been updated with new specifications.

So, farewell the MacBook. It was nice knowing you.

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