Liechtenstein transformed to recreate Halo Universe for Halo 4

Liechtenstein transformed to recreate Halo Universe for Halo 4

Microsoft is spending big to promote the upcoming Halo 4 game – because they have managed to transform the small country of Liechtenstein into a real-life replica of the Halo Universe, including taking over a 13th century castle and a working mine. All just to promote the game for one day.

Fans and some of the media from 16 countries were taken to the country and participated in “theatrical experience”, that included travelling to a secret place and take part in a recreated battle with pyrotechnics, sound effects and cinematic set builds. Fans also went on a two-hour adventure that involved decoding a series of cryptic clues to save mankind from extinction.

Microsoft worked with Liechtenstein’s tourism body to recreate the game’s world – which included transforming Gutenberg Castle to become a futuristic military fort (where they also played Halo 4), building a military camp in the countryside and taking over an entire quarry for the day.

Halo 4, developed by 343 Industries, will be released on November 6 worldwide.

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