LG's new monitor lineup: a 10-inch touchscreen, and a 21:9 29-inch display

LG's new monitor lineup: a 10-inch touchscreen, and a 21:9 29-inch display


LG has decided to revamp its monitor lineup this year with three new screens that target specific needs. The South Korean electronics maker will create a monitor that will accurately reproduce 99% of Adobe’s RGB palette; a new touchscreen monitor with ten-point multitouch; and a really, really wide 21:9 ratio display.

The one above – that’s the really, really wide one – is the UltraWide EA93. The screen is 29-inches diagonal with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and able to reproduce 100% of sRGB. It is said to be ideal for watching movies, but also brilliant for multitasking as it will split the screen into fours. You can also link up the monitor with two external devices.

The touchscreen monitor – the Touch 10 ET83 – is a 23-inch screen that lets you use all ten figures simultaneously, making it more natural for you to type on the on screen keyboard on Windows 8. Being a touchscreen device, it is optimised for Windows 8. There is no extra software required, once you connect it to your Windows 8 device, it will just work.

The ColorPrime EA83 monitor is the screen that is able to reproduce 99% of Adobe’s RGB palette, but also 100% of sRGB. The screen is targeted for designers, filmmakers and photographers who are looking for a monitor that reproduces images superbly. The screen has a resolution of 2560×1440 pxiels, and can be rotated up to 90 degrees.

No availability has been announced. But I so want the UltraWide monitor.

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