LG to present touchscreen watch phone at CES ‘09

LG to present touchscreen watch phone at CES ‘09


This might not look like much at all, except being a watch with a full-colour screen. However, this possess one of the new form-factor of mobile phones, the ones being built into watches. However, since most watches are not powered lithium-ion batteries, it does not a watch a very good way of having phone capabilities – but alas, it has been done before.

But now, it is LG’s turn to be spotlighted. Called the GD910, it features text-to-speech and speech-to-text functions, a media player, and video conferencing via a camera mounted at the front. It will support Bluetooth and the 3G and HSDPA networks. Like I said at the title, it has a touchscreen, meaning that you can dial a number by using a number pad that is being shown on the touchscreen – a very, very small 1.43-inch touchscreen; and most likely to dial a wrong number because of its small form-factor.

The new watch phone is expected to be unveiled during the Consumer Electronics Show 2009 at Las Vegas on January, and will be made in Europe initially at an unknown date.

Source: UnwiredView (Via Gizmodo)

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