LG reveals its own fitness tracker - the Lifeband Touch

LG reveals its own fitness tracker - the Lifeband Touch


LG is getting into the wearable technology business with two new fitness devices – the Lifeband Touch fitness tracker and heart rate earphones. The tracker looks very similar to the Nike FuelBand, and is designed to compatible with heart rate monitors and smartphones (via its included LG Fitness app, or third-party apps like Runkeeper) through a Bluetooth connection.

The Lifeband Touch includes a touch OLED display that will display stats, incoming calls, music controls and the time; and, a 3-axis accelerometer and altimeter to measure speed, distance, steps, calories consumed, and projected pace. The Heart Rate Earphones is pretty much what the name suggests – it tracks your heart rate and blood flow. Data is sent from the earphones to the Lifeband Touch through a Bluetooth connection.

Both will be available in the first half of 2014. No pricing has been announced, nor any word on international availability.

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