LG reveals first line of webOS TVs

LG reveals first line of webOS TVs


Already revealed in a blog post in Korea, and reiterated at its press conference at this year’s CES, LG has outlined what it will do with webOS and revealed the first line of televisions with the new platform.

According to LG, webOS now forms the backbone of its smart TV platform, and has been designed to make everything simple – from connecting, switching and discovering new content. WebOS will also be compatible with its Magic Pointer remote, and will also include voice and gesture recognition. It will also have an animated character called BeanBird that will guide users on how to setup their televisions.

We’re not entirely sure how many televisions being produced by LG that will run webOS – the South Korean post and the press release notes 70 percent of its televisions released in 2014 will have webOS, while the CES press conference notes 56 percent of televisions. However, what is confirmed is that Korea will be getting it first, then other global markets.

However, what we do know are what TVs LG will make. The company has confirmed that they will make six new series and twelve models for its 4K television line with sizes up to 105 inches; and will have two curved 4K TVs – a 77-inch OLED unit and a 105-inch LED unit.

Australian availability has not been confirmed.

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