LG G2 will be an Optus exclusive, Australian release in Q4

LG G2 will be an Optus exclusive, Australian release in Q4

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I am extremely jealous with Luke Hopewell from Gizmodo Australia right now.

He got to play with the new LG smartphone – the G2. However, in Hopewell’s hands on with its new flagship device, he revealed some juicy information about its Australian availability and pricing – something we sent off to LG’s PR people but never heard back.

According to Hopewell:

The LG G2 will go on sale around Q4 (September-December) for an outright price of roughly $699, which is crazy-affordable for the specs it’s packing. The phone will be exclusive only to Optus for the rest of 2013 at least according to LG.

He also adds that the reason Optus got the exclusive was because of its dual-band 4G LTE on the LG G2 – allowing it to switch between its current 4G band and its newly acquired 2300MHz spectrum, which has 20MHz of contiguous spectrum.

In layman’s terms – it has really fast data speeds (though we will still have to test that).

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