LG brings out Optimus UI 3.0 after Samsung, HTC update their custom interfaces

LG brings out Optimus UI 3.0 after Samsung, HTC update their custom interfaces

LG smartphones are about to get a brand new user interface, with the Korean phone manufacturer pushing a new update on its custom UI – the aptly titled LG Optimus UI. Now hitting version 3.0, it brings several features that essentially play catch-up with its rivals own custom interfaces – HTC’s Sense and Samsung’s TouchWiz.

“With smartphone hardware becoming more and more similar, it’s important for manufacturers to differentiate their products from the competition through the user interface,” Dr. Jong-seok Park, the CEO and President of LG’s mobile division, said.

The new update, only available for its Ice Cream Sandwich phones, will include a new “powerful memo function” called Quick Memo, where users can jot notes on the screen with a finger and share them with friends via social network, text messages or email. It will also introduce ‘Voice Shutter’, which lets you control the camera with voice commands.

It also introduces things that you may have seen on Samsung and HTC phones with a new pattern lock and unlocking sequence, quick access to the camera, a feature that will choose the ‘best shot’ among multiple images, and a new ‘Download’ category.

It will be on the new LG Optimus LTE II phones – which launch in Korea this week, then on the LG Optimus 4X HD in June.

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