LG brings out new TVs - including 55-inch OLED and Ultra HDTVs

LG brings out new TVs - including 55-inch OLED and Ultra HDTVs


LG is bringing a whole bunch of new televisions coming in 2013. From new Smart TVs, to some running on Google TV; LED and OLED to Ultra HD (or 4K) televisions – LG’s range of TVs offer a wide range of variety.

Let’s kick it off with the Ultra HD televisions, where it will add a 55-inch and 65-inch Ultra HD TV screen size to join the 84-inch television already in the market. These new televisions features its Triple XD Engine, allowing to support the resolution of Ultra HD (which is essentially four times the resolution of HD). It also will upscale content to 4K.

The new televisions will also include CINEMA 3D technology, which means that you can also watch 3D content on the screen; a 2.2 Sound System with two 10W speakers and two 15W woofers.


Then we have OLED televisions from LG, where the company is set to release its 55-inch OLED TV. Only 4mm thin and weighs less than 10 kilograms, the screen features a four-colour pixel where there is a white subpixel in conjunction with the traditional red, blue and green subpixels. It should be out in February in South Korea.

CNET Australia is reporting that it should come out in Late March for a price tag of $11,999 – so it isn’t cheap.


These two, in addition with several others, include LG’s Smart TV – which was also updated today. The Magic remote has been redesigned to make navigating simple and intuitive, where you can change the channel by simply drawing the number or through voice commands. There is also SmartShare support – its name for connecting LG devices via NFC – where you can pair the two and share files between the phone/tablet and the TV.

LG has announced that it will also bring games to its Smart TV platform like The Sims, Air Penguin and Mini Motor Racing – all family-friendly games. These are available for download through SmartWorld in Q1.


Finally, seven new Google TV televisions in five screen sizes will be released by LG this year. Each TV include a dual core CPU, and its 47-inch and 55-inch TVs in this line offers 3D. Of course, because it runs Google TV, it means you can do a lot more by paring your smartphone to the TV – including, sharing YouTube videos from your phone to your TV.

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