LG brings out four new plasmas - promises four more during the year

LG brings out four new plasmas - promises four more during the year

Proving that plasmas aren’t dead in the water, LG has unveiled four new plasma televisions, with a commitment to have eight new models sometime in 2010. The four models are slimmer and lighter than previous models, with only a depth of around two-inches and are approximately 37 percent thinner – in one case, according to a press release, a 60-inch model was reduced by more than 40 percent.

LG’s plasma screens are led by the new INFINIA series – the PK750 and the PK950 (image above) – and will feature a protective “Skin Glass” to reduce glare – allowing the reduction of the gap between the filter and outer glass by 70 percent, a refresh rate of 600Hz and a Dual XD engine. The screens have been given a THX Display Certification. It will also feature Skype and YouTube as part of its NetCast feature; while the PK950 will have a unique remote system mirroring the Wii’s motion control.

There is also two more – the PK550 and PJ350. The PK550 will come in 50 and 60 inch models, and is has a 1080p resolution; while the PJ350 will feature 42 and 50 inch models and is a 720p plasma. They have a USB port and 3 HDMI ports; along with a very thin frame. It also feature a Dual XD Engine.

Availability and pricing have not been released by LG; though its CES website reveal that the PK950 will be out in May and the PK550 will be out in March. Gallery is below.

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