After Samsung, LG announces Optimus LTE 2: 2GB RAM, "True HD" IPS display

After Samsung, LG announces Optimus LTE 2: 2GB RAM, "True HD" IPS display

Trying to steal Samsung’s thunder, LG has made a second phone announcement. This time, it has announced the Optimus LTE 2 – no, that is its name, very original – and will feature 2GB of RAM and a “True HD” IPS display. The size, however. is not known but assume it somewhere in the 4-inches-or-more range.

Why? Because, for Android, size matters – especially with the screen.

Anyway, the phone will have LTE support, as its name suggests, and will have a larger battery (2150mAh – which is apparently 40 percent longer than the Optimus LTE). You will also be able to charge this wirelessly since it has an inductive charging coil at the back – so simply place it on the dock and it will recharge, like at the image below.

Other features, if we can seem to understand Google’s weird translation of the news release by LG, include possibly zero-shutter lag, or something to do with the camera loading fast to “capture the moment”. It will also have the ability to recognise your voice so you can command it to take the photo without pressing the button. Other than that, LG seems to be pushing 2GB of RAM. Why 2GB is up for speculation, because you necessarily don’t need that much RAM.

LG is pushing this in South Korea from mid-May, with no international availability confirmed as of yet. Though, we could possibly see this on Optus or Telstra if they want to build up their numbers of LTE phones in Australia – since we only have two.

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