Lenovo brings out ThinkPad X1 laptop - fast, lightweight and strong

Lenovo brings out ThinkPad X1 laptop - fast, lightweight and strong

Lenovo has brought out a new laptop – the ThinkPad X1, featuring a slick thin body with the features that every corporate worker needs, and security that would make your IT department pleased. It also has been designed to blur corporate and personal, with a range of multimedia capabilities.

Measuring 17mm and weighing only 1.7kg, and packed with a Core i7, i5 or i3 processor with 13-inch screen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, it is strong, lightweight, thin and fast. Lenovo says that the body has been tested (and passing) on eight military specifications.

Battery life is said to be 10 hours, and the battery fills up to 80 percent within 30 minutes, allowing more freedom to where you work. The keyboard still keeps its unique togglestick and is spillproof, but eliminates some old keyboard keys (that are no longer needed, such as SysRq). It is backlit, so you can even type in the dark. Entertainment-wise, the laptop has a high-definition display with Dolby Home Theatre v4 sound, in addition to a HDMI port and Intel Wireless Display technology. Security-wise, it has encrypted hard drives, remote managment support and fingerprint reader.

It runs on Windows 7 and is out now. Pricing starts at $1959.

Full press release is below, after the jump.

The Crossover PC: New Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Laptop Blends Business and Entertainment Technologies

Lenovo unveils thinnest and highest performance 13-inch laptop1 with new RapidCharge battery technology

Sydney, Australia – May 17, 2011: Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) today announced the ThinkPad X1 laptop that gives users the thinnest and highest performance combination for its class1. Designed for mobile professionals who demand the best in performance, mobility and entertainment, the laptop offers a simple and modern style with a backlit keyboard, fast charging batteries and a host of performance and multimedia capabilities.

“Lenovo customers are looking for a business laptop that combines premium consumer multimedia and entertainment features with high performance and mobility innovations in a thin and stylish design,” said David Heyworth, Think Product Group Manager, Lenovo Australia and New Zealand. “The ThinkPad X1 is equipped with non-traditional business features like Dolby Home Theater sound, an updated keyboard and a bright, durable screen protected with Corning® Gorilla® Glass that delivers enterprise-level security, manageability and durability that the ThinkPad is renowned for.”

Ultra-Thin Design Meets Elite Performance

As the thinnest ThinkPad, the ThinkPad X1 laptop measures less than 17mm, smaller than the height of an Australian five cent coin. Packed into the ultra-thin form factor are choices of second generation Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, typically offered on Lenovo’s larger 14 and 15-inch laptops. This engineering allows the ThinkPad X1 laptop to double the CPU performance and quadruple the graphics performance of the ThinkPad X301, Lenovo’s previous flagship 13-inch laptop.

Weighing less than 1.7kg, the ThinkPad X1 laptop feels incredibly light and sturdy, thanks to its interior roll cage and magnesium chassis. The screen uses Corning® Gorilla® Glass for extra durability, rigidity and scratch resistance. The hardened ThinkPad X1 passes eight military specifications so mobile professionals can work anywhere with confidence.

Recharge Fast with RapidCharge

The ThinkPad X1 laptop debuts Lenovo’s new RapidCharge battery technology that charges up to 80 percent in just 30 minutes. This technology charges two and a half times faster than a typical ThinkPad battery2, giving users more freedom to work on-the-go, faster. RapidCharge combines fast charge cells with a 1,000 cycle battery designed to last three years3. Users can also opt to purchase a RapidCharge external slice battery for the ThinkPad X1 laptop to double their battery life to 10 hours4.

ThinkPad Keyboard in a New Light

Lenovo has modernised the keyboard’s appearance while simultaneously retaining the touch, feel and function of the classic ThinkPad keyboard experience. The simplified design eliminates some legacy keys, like SysRq, while keeping rich functionality including dedicated multimedia and voice calling controls. For working in low light, users can turn on the keyboard’s backlight, available for the first time on an enterprise-class ThinkPad laptop. Additionally, in keeping with ThinkPad tradition, the keyboard features spill resistance.

Rich Sound, Riveting Pictures for Music and Movies

Business PCs are not typically known for their audio and visual experience, however the ThinkPad X1 laptop breaks the mould, equipped with rich and resonant Dolby Home Theater v4 sound and its superbright (350 NIT) high-definition display. Whether listening through headphones, built-in speakers or a connected home theater, users will experience a captivating entertainment experience. Also, with the laptop’s HDMI port and Intel Wireless Display technology, the laptop can connect and stream 1080p wirelessly to a TV or projector.

Business-Class Innovations

Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops feature a platform of new innovations that respond to key business needs with video and voice calling, enterprise management features and by creating an easy-to-use computing experience.  Using its optional mobile broadband, 720p camera, high definition microphones and advanced calling modes, the ThinkPad X1 laptop delivers clear video calls. It also offers robust layers of security with Intel vPro technology5, encrypted hard drives with remote management support and a fingerprint reader with one touch swipe for power on and authentication.

For quick and easy startup and shutdown, the laptop comes with Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 for Windows 7, an exclusive certification for Lenovo products that allows users to start their laptop on average 20 seconds faster than a typical Windows 7 computer. The ThinkPad X1 is equipped with Instant Resume so users can keep their wireless connection active, whether it’s WiFi or mobile broadband, when closing their laptop and when the laptop goes into sleep mode.

Pricing and Availability6

The ThinkPad X1 laptop will be available starting May 17 through business partners and online at www.lenovo.com.au. Pricing for models starts at approximately $1959. All prices quoted include GST.

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