Legal analysis from Microsoft? Company launches new “on the issues” blog

Legal analysis from Microsoft? Company launches new “on the issues” blog


Microsoft has launched a brand new blog that will give you a chance to have a look at their own view on legal and policy issues revolving around the company, giving them a more “direct line of communication that will enable us to quickly and succinctly provide our perspective”.

“We want to create a transparent dialogue with readers and stakeholders. We want to enhance our participation in discussions that propel policy-making at local, national and international levels,” Microsoft’s General Counsel Brad Smith wrote on the first blog post.

“We’ll share our thoughts on how this computing revolution can accelerate economic growth by enabling companies and individuals to increase productivity, collaboration and job creation.  And we’ll outline the policy framework that we believe will give this next wave of computing the greatest chance of success.”

While this is not the first time Microsoft has used blogs, those blogs were usually more suited for developers (like MIX or Channel 9) or the inner workings within groups that would build certain products, like Windows Live Messenger. But this blog stands out on its own as being an official blog about the company’s view on a topic.

Also, it wants to create a “transparent” dialogue with readers and the shareholders on the company; and don’t want this blog to be a “one-way conversation”. But looking it right now, it might be just a one-way conversation – but it is a new thing, so give it some time.

However, while it is a great idea from Microsoft; this type of blogging is not innovative, as many companies are now bringing in blogs to detail the inner workings of their company. Some are even going as far as Twittering to allow people to have a glimpse of how the company is run.

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