Lebara will give you 2GB of data - if you're willing to see ads after unlocking your phone

Lebara will give you 2GB of data - if you're willing to see ads after unlocking your phone


Lebara Mobile has today announced its new Lebara Plus scheme, which gives its customers an extra 2GB of data or credit worth up to $20 – if you agree to see advertisements and “special deals” every time you unlock your phone.

While there is no minimum time limit, this offer only applies to each user once per month. It also only applies to Android users (which constitute 65 percent of its customer base, apparently) and you must be a Lebara Mobile customer who spend more than $20 or more per month from October 27.

The technology behind this is from a Melbourne-based startup called Unlockd, which wants to pioneer a “new business model for the telecommunications industry” by having heavy-usage customers pay a bit more through advertising. Lebara Mobile is one of the first telcos in the world to have adopted their technology, with a US launch coming shortly with a “major US telecom brand.”

Lebara Mobile says that the introduction of their Lebara Plus scheme was due to heavy data usage on its network.

Many Lebara customers, who are heavy data users, will typically top up their data allowance half-way through the month,” commercial director Michael Baxter said in a statement. “Lebara Plus will give our customers in Australia the option of earning free credit or data, in return for targeted advertising.”

It will be interesting if people would be willing to view advertising for extra data or credit. Would you? Feel free to comment below.

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