Latest Skype version adds Facebook video chat, group screen sharing

Latest Skype version adds Facebook video chat, group screen sharing

The latest update of Skype (version 5.8) for Windows is now available. The update, while fixing some bugs, also brings several key new features – including full HD video calling, Facebook video calling and group desktop sharing.

The full HD video is currently supported by one camera – the Logitech C920 webcam. This is because the encoding is done inside the camera, rather than Skype. So, if you want to stream yourself in full HD, you now can – provided that you have at least 2Mbps download/upload speed.

Group desktop sharing means that you can now share a document, image or whatever is on your desktop instantly to a group conversation. This feature, however, will be available only to those with Skype Premium. Facebook video calling is also a big thing, meaning that you can now communicate to your friend even if they haven’t got Skype installed. In order to start a video call with a person on Facebook, you select the person you want and click “video call”.

Other new improvements include a Push-to-Talk feature, integration with the Bing Toolbar and hiding offline Facebook contacts.

You can read the full list via Skype’s blog.

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