La Boite Concept merges laptop desk and speakers

La Boite Concept merges laptop desk and speakers

Ever thought about having a laptop desk that has excellent speakers? Me neither, but the world of gadgets still amaze even those who don’t really give a toss about gadgetry. This one is no exception. La Boite Concept, an electro-acoustic research and development team in France, bring you a new laptop desk that has also a speaker system – the LD120.

It looks stunning with its piano and natural leather look, and is simple to use. Just use a USB plug and you are set to use the speakers. Even better, you can also have it plugged in to a power socket and can recharge all your music players and let you play them via the high fidelity speakers. And those who believe in green products, it is environmentally friendly.

The speakers – which there are seven in total – have been custom made, and includes a 120-watt RMS amplifier. It comes in four colours – pure white, pure black, anthracite grey and bright red.

It is an ultimate luxury, and that can be seen with the price tag of €980. Yep, that is expensive. Full gallery is below, as well as a video, after the jump.

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