Kobo brings Jelly Bean update to Arc tablet

Kobo brings Jelly Bean update to Arc tablet

Kobo Arc

Kobo Arc users, now you too can enjoy the wonders of Google Now. The company has announced that it will upgrade the OS to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. And while that is somewhat great news, it still means that it is behind the current version, which is Android 4.2.

Other features that Kobo Arc users will get include better notifications, improved search through text or voice, better voice recognition and the new keyboard with predictive text. Of course, there is also Face Unlock – remember that? No? It’s probably because Google and all other manufacturers mentioned it once, then never mentioned it again. The ‘feature’ basically means you can use your face as a new way to unlock your device.

The update should be available now, according to Kobo, when they next connect to Wi-Fi.

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