Kinect to sell 5 million before end of year?

Kinect to sell 5 million before end of year?

Microsoft is upping its sales expectations of the Kinect, which had its official press launch yesterday, to five million units sold before the end of Fall, in part of the strong response of pre-order sales just before the upcoming Holiday Shopping Season.

“Presales have exceeded expectations. People are coming to us and saying this is the must-have holiday item”, Head of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices group Don Mattrick said, talking to Reuters.

However, Mattrick warns of a Wii-like shortage this holiday season for the Kinect because of the popularity of the add-on for the Xbox 360.

“We’re anticipating that some of our partners will be sold out at points of time this holiday, and that’s something we’ll do our best to work through,” he said.

At least 5,000 stores across America will be open at Midnight when the device is launched. No word on Australia’s launch events or the dates.

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