Kinect gets $30 off price - one day only! [Bargain Hunter]

Kinect gets $30 off price - one day only! [Bargain Hunter]

We love showing bargains all over the net, and why not show off some more gaming ones. The Kinect, which has a recommended retail price of $199 (for the unit only, not the bundle with the console), can seem a bit too much to pay for. Well, have no fear, we have found a least a bargain you can take advantage of.

The people over at GAME, as part of their ‘Advent Calendar’, have given the most-wanted console accessory for the year a slight price reduction, from $199 to $169. That’s about $30 off.

Granted, it doesn’t seem much, but remember – it is rare for these stores to give a price reduction for a new accessory, so better use it now. You have TODAY only to take advantage of it, and while stocks last. Don’t worry, it includes free shipping.

The pack also includes Kinect Adventures, so you don’t have to spend any more money on getting a game for it. So, what are you still waiting around for? Get it now!

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