Kindle 3 Software Update brings ‘real page-numbers’, public notes

Kindle 3 Software Update brings ‘real page-numbers’, public notes

Amazon has just released an ‘early preview’ of the next update for the Kindle eBook reader.

The new update is expected to be released wirelessly to all Kindle 3 owners soon but there is no word on whether Kindle 1, 2 and DX owners will get the update. Big hugs for you guys.

Until the official release, adventurous users can manually download the preview software from the Amazon website.

The update will allow authors, their fans, book reviewers and any other Kindle users to create ‘public notes’, which can be shared with your ‘followers’. This could be quite interesting in the education market, seeing as a teacher could share notes on a book with an entire class of students.

The New Magazine and Newspaper Layout

Also included in the update are ‘real’ page numbers. This will scrap the old, confusing and unpopular numbering system and implement a more traditional page numbering scheme. The new page numbering system will correspond to those of printed books, allowing readers to switch between the Kindle edition and the printed edition by simply comparing the page number. So, Amazon actually does listen to customers!

Sadly the new system requires books to be updated to the new system but Amazon says that it has already

implemented the feature in “tens of thousands” of books. None of my books supported the feature yet.

The new update brings a much better magazine and newspaper layout system [picture], which was very impressive compared to the old layout.

If you want to give the update a try for yourself, you can download it here. And for the latest Kindle news, stick with



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