Kim Dotcom's residency bid "on the verge of falling" before last-minute approval

Kim Dotcom's residency bid "on the verge of falling" before last-minute approval


Kim Dotcom is now questioning his immigration status after an investigation by a New Zealand paper has revealed that his bid to get residency in the country was “on the verge of falling” before being approved at the last minute.

“What the United States could rely on in New Zealand is a John Key government that is so eager to please the White House,” he told the paper.

The New Zealand Herald says that New Zealand’s Security Intelligence Service blocked Dotcom’s residency application after learning that the FBI was investigating him on allegations of internet piracy. Because of this, his application was about to fail – despite efforts by Immigration New Zealand to get it approved.

Then all of a sudden, NZSIS lifted its ban on him one day before Dotcom’s deadline of November 1, 2010.

Suing the Hong Kong Government

Talking to another newspaper – the South China Morning Post – Doctom revealed plans that he would sue the Hong Kong government for its role in killing Megaupload. While his current venture, Mega, is a New Zealand-based company, Megaupload was registered in Hong Kong.

“We will take the Hong Kong government to court for the destruction of our business because they acted for the US government when shutting down our business and freezing all our bank accounts,” he told SCMP.

He also added that they were planning to list on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

“We were in the process of preparing a listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange and the valuation of our company was over US$2 billion. Fortunately, the US government will have to indemnify Hong Kong for any damages awarded to us.”

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