Killer Instinct: Chief Thunder Revealed

Killer Instinct: Chief Thunder Revealed


Double Helix Games and IGN released the reveal trailer for Chief Thunder in the upcoming Killer Instinct game.In the video we finally see Thunder’s new character design, the previous game he appeared in was the very first Killer instinct in 1994, so there has been a lot of design and story changes for Thunder. We also take a look at the process of designing Thunder’s play style, special moves and stage.

Source: IGN

It has been confirmed that Chief Thunder is to be the first Grappler-style character added to the KI roster, and will still have some of his classic special moves such as the Sammamish (Uppercut) and Triplax. His Sammamish uppercut move makes you fully projectile invulnerable, and adds a stomp at the end called ‘Skyfall’. His instinct mode is ‘the ultimate tool for a grappler to get in close and safely’, giving you a further dash distance, invulnerability and like all characters announced, will be able to cancel mid-ultra.


Double Helix have shown off different play styles/ archetypes with the characters annouced so far. Jago is a Balanced character, Sabrewulf is a Rushdown character, Glacius is a Zoner with a bit of Technical archetype, and now Thunder with the Grappler Archetype. With a lot more characters and features to be announced, it’ll be interesting to see what play styles pair up with which characters. What will Fulgore, Orchid, or Cinder’s play style be like?

Killer Instinct (2013) will be releasing alongside the Xbox One in November. Stay tuned for more KI news as another character will be revealed at Gamescom (21-25th August)

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