Killer Instinct: Behind the Scenes at Double Helix Studios

Killer Instinct: Behind the Scenes at Double Helix Studios


Killer Instinct was announced at E3 last month, and was one of the biggest games to be revealed at the Microsoft press conference. The original creators Rare, unfortunately won’t be working on the reboot of the franchise, but luckily we have developers Double Helix who are definitely right for the job. Dedicated to work alongside the KI community and bring the best experience, Double Helix show us how passionate they are to bring back this awesome franchise to the Xbox One.

Double Helix are already compiling a list of things that the community have requested, mostly including a lot of classic features. The E3 announcement trailer resulted in mixed reactions the KI community, some saying ‘it’s just not the same’ whereas some are overjoyed to see this franchise return to next-gen. Recently, gamers have been obsessed with nostalgia and its come to the point where progression in gaming has slowed down. It’ll be great to see how Double Helix use the community feedback, as well as introducing new features in the game.

Credit: TestYourMight

Opinion: Being a massive fan of the franchise, I’m really excited to see KI make a return. To hear the iconic theme song, to the gameplay and sounds, and even the redesigned characters, was mindblowing. Of course I want certain characters or features to be added but what I saw at E3 was already amazing. As for Double Helix, I definitely trust them with KI, especially after watching the BTS video, and seeing their passion for the franchise.



Just to clarify, The game will be available exclusively at the launch of the Xbox One, and will be a free download that includes all the games features, BUT will only include one character. There will also be a full retail version with a full roster of characters, and for those who are new to fighting games, Double Helix are letting you buy characters separately.

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