After Kickstarter success, Armello hopes to release game next year

After Kickstarter success, Armello hopes to release game next year


At last year’s PAX, I profiled an indie game called Armello by League of Geeks. The game took the traditional card game into an iPad game, with vivid and beautiful graphics to create a fantasy fairytale landscape.

Now, it is just more than a year later and we decided to check back in with them. Between the two PAX Australian events, they had a massively successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year which managed to raise just over AU$300,000 to fund the game. This meant that they were able to port their game from iOS to desktop via Steam and add more characters.

But that’s not all.

“We’ve now got plenty more cards, we’ve got the quest system in, we have exploration in, a whole bunch of things that weren’t there before,” Trent Kusters told TechGeek. He also added that they added minor tweaks to push the quality bar and experience.

Kusters also said that they plan to get the game out next year. “We’re looking at Early Access early next year on Steam… and later in the year, probably mid 2015, doing the PC, Mac and Linux full release,” he said.

“Then tablets – which Android, iPad and Windows tablets – will come after that.”

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