Kazaa gets angry with Symantec after "mistake"

Kazaa gets angry with Symantec after "mistake"

Remember Kazaa – that adware-riddled application that allowed you to freely download MP3s back in the early noughties? Turns out, they’re still alive, but also have done a Napster and have gone legit after numerous lawsuits and a very big one in Australia that saw it banned. But after Symantec identified it as adware (again), the new owners Brilliant Digital Entertainment are angry and have released a “Consumer Notice”.

“Symantec had justified turning off the music for some of Kazaa customers by flagging files in the Kazaa music plug in application as high risk due to the files being used for serving advertisements,” it said in its press release.

“As a result Kazaa customers or subscribers running Norton AV are having these files stripped from the application which prevents them from using the service” – however, I don’t think there is a lot of people (dare I say, none at all) that use the service as many opted to use other legit ways that didn’t have a history of providing adware that were hard to remove or forced us to actually reformat our computers.

To their defence, however, they have actually made mistakes like this in the past – one notable one was Spotify, a European-based service that allowed you to stream music, in January this year.

However, if I was you – stay away from Kazaa. It should have died a long time ago.

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