Julia Gillard, Government email accounts compromised

Julia Gillard, Government email accounts compromised

Image: chispita_666/Flickr

Julia Gillard’s computer at Parliament House, as well as Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and Defence Minister Stephen Smith’s computers, could have been compromised.

The security breach means that thousands of emails of the Prime Minister, amongst others, could have been accessed by outside sources.

The Telegraph reports that a cyber attack originated from Parliament House and not for more secure departmental networks, where more sensitive information is usually sent. It has been known for a month, according to the Telegraph’s senior sources.

The paper is also reporting that Chinese intelligence agencies are under suspicion as one of the culprits of the attack. This, however, is not new as China is usually purported to have hacked into many other countries email addresses and IT systems, such as Canada and France.

The BBC adds that the information accessed could have been about the mining industry. What aspects of the industry, however, is not known.

Attorney-General Robert McClelland refused to confirm or deny the claims of the paper. However, the paper reports that ASIO is currently investigating the matter, after being tipped off by the US intelligence agencies.

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