Judge gives Wikileaks Twitter Records to US Government

Judge gives Wikileaks Twitter Records to US Government

The United States Government has been given the go-ahead to access Twitter records relating to associates of website Wikileaks after Birgitta Jonsdottir’s motion to have the request thrown out failed, with the judge saying that the associates have no standing to challenge the order.

Judge Theresa Buchanan, also denied a request to unseal the order, saying that the Twitter order “does not demand the contents of any communication… and thus constitutes only a request for records under [the law].” The order requested details of three known Wikileaks supporters, including Jonsdottir – a member of the Icelandic Parliament.

The request, unsealed at Twitter’s request, sought full contact details for the accounts of known Wikileaks associates – including Julian Assange and Bradley Manning – and their IP addresses. It also requested data transfer information and connection records. The move was in response to the Collateral Murder video showing the US military forces shooting at civilians and killing two Reuters journalists.

Buchanan’s ruling said that the information of the account holder’s First Amendment rights due to the nature of the order focusing on information rather than speech, or the Fourth Amendment, as users did not have a reasonable expectation of privacy over the information they give to Twitter freely.

Jonsdottir, with the assistance of the EFF and ACLU, are seeking an appeal, according to Wired. Full judgement is below.

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