JB Hi Fi enters the eBook business with NOW Books

JB Hi Fi enters the eBook business with NOW Books


JB Hi Fi has expanded its NOW brand to include eBooks with the launch of the NOW Books store – pitting themselves against not only the book retailers but as well as Google Play, Kobo and the eBook giant Amazon.

NOW Books will let users download and purchase EPUB or PDF versions of books (depending on the book). To read the books, you can download the JB Hi Fi NOW Reader app which is available from iTunes or on the Google Play store; or you can download the EPUB of PDF version onto your eBook reader (except the Kindle) or computer.

Though, there is a catch – most books will require you to have a reader that supports Adobe’s DRM (You can see if your eBook reader supports Adobe DRM here). There are some books that are not locked with DRM, but they are usually those that are in the public domain.

JB Hi Fi says that there is a massive library of books available. However, there were some titles that we could not find – such as the Harry Potter series (that said, Kobo does not sell the series as well, redirecting users to buy it from Pottermore). However, it does have Fifty Shades of Grey – so if you’re into that sort of thing, you can buy it from NOW Books.

Pricing, on the other hand, varies. Some books are on par with other retailers. For instance, A Game of Thrones is $9.99 on NOW Books, Kobo and Dymocks. On the other hand: the first five books from the A Song of Ice and Fire series (which Game of Thrones comes from) costs $89.99 on NOW Books but only $69.99 from Kobo. Heck, it’s even cheaper to get it from Dymocks because they sell the EPUB version of the first seven novels for the same price as Kobo.

a game of thronges


If you have a JB Hi Fi NOW account, then all you need to do is simply login with your existing credentials, and you can start purchasing books. You can access the service from books.jbhifi.com.au.

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