Japanese PM starts tweeting, opens blog

First Kevin Rudd, then Barack Obama and now Yukio Hatoyama? Hatoyama, who is the current Japanese Prime Minister, has decided to join a long list of politicians who are hoping to gain some youth creditability by launching a blog and tweeting – especially when his government’s support rating has dipped after taking control from the long-running Liberal Democratic Party of Japan in September last year.

His blog, titled Hato cafe, aims to "burying the gap between people and politics as well as changing this country together," according to Hatoyama. He even uploaded a picture of his office roof from his mobile phone camera, and promises to tweet once a day to get the hang of it (though, we are highly sceptical that he will be doing so and maybe get an aide to do it for him).

One little problem – it looks like it may be in hiatus for a couple of months sometime in the year because it is an election year for its upper house, as laws currently prohibit internet political campaigning; though they are considering in lifting the ban as many young politicians start using the Internet to campaign, following in the footsteps of Barack Obama – including Twitter, which has gain in popularity in the country after the microblogging site opened a localised version in April 2008.

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