JailbreakMe 3.0 released, works PC-free with iOS 4.3.3

JailbreakMe 3.0 released, works PC-free with iOS 4.3.3

iPhone’s, iPod touches and iPad’s are great. But Apple sure does love to keep it’s ecosystem closed. That’s why Jailbreaking was discovered. The practice, frowned upon by Apple, allows any user to do whatever they want. But Apple usually locks it down in updates.

And that’s where JailbreakMe.com comes in. Created by @Comex and his team, JailbreakMe uses a exploit in the PDF Reader in the iOS Safari browser, meaning everyone can jailbreak in literally seconds. As Apple would say, it’s post-PC.

The Jailbreak is fairly straightforward, but here are the full steps.

1) Backup your iOS device in iTunes. If you’ve synced it recently, you probably already have a recent-enough backup.

2) Open Safari and go to www.jailbreakme.com.

3) Click FREE and then INSTALL.

4) Cydia, the Jailbreak communities equivalent to the App Store, will install like a regular app from the Apple App Store.

5) You’re done!

Seriously, Comex has done a masterful job in his new Jailbreak. So get to it, before Apple patches the new exploit.

Remember to check back later for my Top 10 Jailbreak apps and tweaks!

Note: If your iDevice is very important (e.g work iPhone), then you might want to wait just a little longer. Or if you don’t own it you might get in trouble for Jailbreaking the device. But if you do decide to go ahead it’ll be almost impossible to brick your phone. Remember, TECHGEEK takes no responsibility for any damage, which while unlikely, could still occur from a user’s actions.

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